Frantone - Lo-Tone Classic Fuzz  [traced]

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Post by Bononoob »

Hey, in her last video Fran let us see the schematic for the Lo-Tone Classic Fuzz ()
I just copied the schematic in case someone want to look at it.
Love her circuits she's amazing.
Frantone-Lo-Tone Classic Fuzz Schematic.png
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Post by Axldeziak »

Beat me too it. I took a bunch of screen shots this morning and was going to work it out this evening. Before starting I decided to look here just in case and sure enough...
I compared your schematic to the shots I took and I don't see any errors.

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Post by soulsonic »

OMG, that 10K resistor to ground on the input. She sure loves loading the heck out of the guitar pickups.

In the video she says that the LM386 "isn't really part of the effect...didn't change the tone at all..." Whatever, Fran. :roll:
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