MSA pedal steel guitar fuzz module  [schematic]

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Post by jreeves47 »

These were installed on some MSA brand pedal steel guitars in the 1970's
Not my pic, from this thread - ... highlight=

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Post by Axldeziak »

Said to be a slightly modified Jordon Bosstone.
Lots more info can be found here. ... ic=12647.0

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Post by mauman »

Here's a schematic I did based on the photos, and a wiring diagram from MSA. I would use the same transistors as a BossTone, everything else is nearly identical between the two. Mike
MSA Steel Onboard Fuzz Schematic.pdf
MSA Steel Onboard Fuzz Schematic
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MSA Steel Wiring Diagram
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Post by Rambozo96 »

I wouldn’t be a surprised if it wasn’t a Sho Sound Bosstone variant as those were quite favorable with pedal steel players (Buddy Cage being a noted user).

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