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Looking for a particular component or hardware part and you just cannot find it? Got comoonents surplus and want to get rid of it? Post it all here... No sales of working pedals, put these in the 'Seen for sale' section please.
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I have extra boards from some pcbway orders that I've decided to offer up stateside.
●●●this is for USA shipping only●●●

They are all verified.

There's multiples of each pictured.

$5 shipping included will get you whatever boards you want, up to one of each design.

To be clear for $5 you can get all 5 boards shipping included.

●●●this is for USA shipping only●●●

I'm open to trades for boards that you have extras of.

Pm me if interested.

MXR Blue Box
https://www.pcbway.com/project/sharepro ... _Fuzz.html

Mesa Boogie Red Channel Emmulator https://www.pcbway.com/project/sharepro ... lator.html

Triton Delay

Aurora Temporal Aliaser

Tadek Compressor
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