Highway 89 Weird power issue

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I have built an old favorite from this board, the Highway 89 from Doug Hammond. This pedal kills. The tone is rocking and ballsy and the clean up is great!!

I was trying to let the other guitar player in my band use it and I discovered a really strange issue that we have tracked down to a power issue generally but do not know specifically what the problem is.

When it is powered from my old dinosaur SKB pedalboard https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifi ... edal-board the pedal works fine, as it does when I use a single Boss PSA 120 style adapter.

When we tried the pedal on his board powered by the MXR M237 Power Brick.
the pedal makes a bad spitting, farty sound.

We also tried to power the Hwy 89 from the daisy chain port of a Boss TU-2/3 tuner and it still farts out.

In all test cases the pedal is the first pedal in the chain or the only pedal in the chain.

I don't have a battery snap in the Hwy 89 but I will try that. I have not measured the MXR power brick but the SKB puts out about 9.6.

I haven't measured how much current the Hwy 89 is drawing but I would doubt it is enough to make the power brick fart out.

Does anybody have any idea what this could be? The pedal sounds great with his Supro amp and he really wants to use it.......Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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