DL-4 issue

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So I have a DL-4 that powers on maybe 1 out of 10 times. When it does power on, it works totally fine and indefinitely. Sometimes if I unplug it after working then plug it back in, it works. Most of the time it doesn't. After that, it seems like 2 consecutive times powering up is the limit. I've reseated the Eprom several times and thoroughly cleaned the pins. I reflowed all of the pins of the socket. I reflowed a few ICs around the Eprom to see if something was just making a bad contact. I've pushed on every IC while powering up, again to see if bad contacts, with no difference. All the power rails seem to be fine, electrolytic capacitors are all fine, and nothing seems to short out. I do get necessary voltages on some of the Eprom pins when both working and not working, but some voltages don't exist when the pedal isn't working. The 3V line is always present however. I thought maybe this meant the Eprom was bad and the one causing the voltage differences, but a new Eprom has the same results. I know I've seen people in the past mention their DL4 only working one out of a handful of times, but I never saw a known fix for it.

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