Fuzzrocious Ram the Manparts changed to overdrive [schematics]

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Post by Lukasen »

Quite a simple thing.

I went back to the Fuzzrocious Ram The Manpart project that I didn't finish after the mods. I threw away (after modification with 10k pot//4k7 for better control) the starving circuit and wanted to get more overdrive-sound from it.

However, I did not know how to connect a suitable gain control. At the input, I didn't want to reduce the already low input impedance of the LM386, and at the same time I wanted to keep the minimalist form of the entire circuit. Finally, I thought of connecting a 1k potentiometer between pins p1 and p8 instead of the mandatory switch. I tweaked the rest of the component values to make it somewhat similar to my favorite Boss OD-1.

In the end, it doesn't sound so bad (I was really prejudiced against the LM386) - it's a bit like the OD-1, only it doesn't have as many pronounced mids and it has surprisingly good dynamics (thanks to the headroom before clipping, which corresponds to half the supply voltage).

You can use a buffer before it or without a buffer, connect the tone section aka SWTC at the end, etc.
The strange combination of 1k//100R at the output is only to limit the output volume (100R can of course be omitted).

And another note on connecting the LM386: it is advisable to connect a bypass capacitor from pin 7 to ground with a value of at least 10uF (I noticed that in some schemes this capacitor is missing).

I will be grateful for recommendations of other simple effects with the LM386, there is some magic in it :-).


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